Paving the way for refugee education: SNHU granted online degrees to students living in refugee camps

Despite their potential, young refugees are greatly disadvantaged in accessing university education: Only 1 percent of refugees attend university, compared to a global average of 34 percent. Today, Southern New Hampshire University is paving the way as one of the first American institutions to grant online degrees to students living in refugee camps.

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Teachers fail to innovate due to “fear of looking stupid”

Despite being a leader institution on research into how students learn best, Carnegie Mellon University has largely failed to adopt its own findings. To find out why, anthropologist Lauren Herckis observed Carnegie Mellon University scholars for more than a year. Her conclusion was surprising: Teachers are too afraid of looking stupid in front of their students to try something new. 

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Report suggests that MOOCs might get similar learning outcomes as on-campus courses

With the goal of providing flexibility and reduce stress, MIT allowed students to complete an edX version of its Circuits and Electronics class. An analysis of course data found that the online class was not harder or easier than the on-campus one, and student performance was similar in both versions. 

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"Humanities must be a fundamental part of universities"

In an exclusive interview for the Observatory, Magdalena Merbilháa, historian, professor and Associate Director of the Research Group on Imaginative Education, talks about the role of the humanities in the future of education, the new role of teachers in the 21st century, and about the model of imaginative education, which emphasizes the importance of the emotions in learning.

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The future of Storytelling


The future of Storytelling: Interview with Bryan Alexander
Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality are an important part of Storytelling in education. In an exclusive interview, futurist and educator Bryan Alexander, shares his expertise on the implementation of storytelling and the use of technological tools in the classroom.

These are the universities leading on AI research
Companies and governments are showing an increasing interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the industry is rapidly adapting to push the frontiers of AI. But no advancements can be made without the work of researchers and universities. 

Wearable technologies for creating interesting learning experiences
Advances in wearable technology are making possible to use such devices to generate practical learning experiences for classes that are traditionally taught in a theoretical or explicatory manner. Providing enhanced mobility, wearables can turn into mobile laboratories.

Blackboard creates accessibility tool
Blackboard announced the release of its accessibility solution called Blackboard Ally, which focuses on making digital course content more accessible. The tool generates a range of more accessible alternatives for the instructor's original content while providing teachers with guidance on how to improve the accessibility of their course materials. 

Study provides guidelines for the use of educational data
As massive amounts of educational data can now be stored, parents and privacy advocates are raising concerns about the misuse of the information. Addressing this issue, a new report provides guidelines for the use of research data. 

Math can be less intimidating with this website dedicated to combat innumeracy
Many students struggle with math and need extra support. Unfortunately, not all students can afford extra math help lessons. To tackle this problem, a new website called MathQED wants to assist any math student, from kindergarten to college.


New Study Analyzes the Impact of Effective Teaching in Higher Education

Although there is a substantial body of research on the importance of teacher quality in elementary and secondary schools, relatively little is known about the impact of teaching quality on student performance in higher education. With this in mind, a group of researchers analyzed the impact of instructor effectiveness on student achievement in the higher education sector. 

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