Meet the 5 finalists competing for the $15M XPRIZE Global Learning Challenge

XPRIZE has announced the 5 finalists competing for the $15 million Global Learning challenge, which seeks solutions that “will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic within 15 months.”

Photo: Swathi Sridharan (ICRISAT)

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New study highlights the benefits and challenges of education technology

The advances in education technology offer the potential to expand the access to quality education, facilitate communication, and bring opportunities to more people, but they also pose challenges because the speed and scale with which ed-tech innovations are being implemented may aggravate existing inequalities.

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Study shows that early physical activity enhances brain function later in life

Researchers at the University of Toronto find that running at an early age improves associative learning and memory later in life. The evidence suggests that early life-style interventions, like promoting physical activity, may help to build a neurogenic reserve, which can protect against cognitive decay.

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